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Kidtopia was created by parents as a gateway for our kids to find educative and fun things and for parents as a platform to interact with their children and teach them how to surf the web safely and, at the same time, to have fun together.
Kids can find educative and fun material as well as videos and some easy games, parents can find bedtime stories to read as well as a classifieds section where you can post play dates, donate unwanted or unused toys and clothing for those less fortunate. At Kidtopia we try to make this a fun and safe environment, however there are always risk when browsing the net and we strongly recommend and request that parents keep an eye on your kids activities and report any suspicious behavior. Help us to keep Kidtopia safe for our kids.



Here you can find a lots hand-picked of videos to keep you entertained for hours.


Play fun and safe games online. We add a couple of classic games for everyone.


Find here cool places to visit, science, nature, outdoors activities and more.


Here parents can find classifieds, tips and articles of interest.

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