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Kidtopia was designed for kids of all ages to explore, discover and learn and as a space where you can interact with other kids in a safe and secure environment.

Here you can find all kind of interesting articles and information about your favorite topics whether is technology, science, books, movies, different activities or just pure fun. Yes we give you the option to see the world and decide what would you like to do and where.

We also have on your profile page the option to write your own articles, experiences as well as upload your works of art, pictures and to share your best moments with your friends and family.

Invite your friends and cousins and start sharing, chatting and interacting with them.

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For Parents

As parents we understand that in a world where handheld devices, video games and TVs, to mention a few, have the capability to access the internet from pretty much anywhere, so we decided to build a website to serve as a training and playground area for kids of all ages for them learn and understand the concept of the internet in a safe and secure environment and as a powerful tools for parents to monitor and educate their little ones about the benefits and risks of the internet so our kids will, at least, have a better knowledge of what the internet is and how to interact with others through it as well as to be aware of potential dangers and learn to avoid them.

This is a community website designed with kids in mind and we encourage the parents to also subscribe and help us monitoring for suspicious activities, abuse, misconduct or any other unusual behaviour  and to keep a close eye on the little ones and to help them understand and identify potential predators that search the web looking for inexperienced or innocent victims.

Help us to protect our youth by spreading the word and guarding your kids playground.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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