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Kidtopia was created by parents for kids. Discover a world of entertainment, educational activities, fashion and clothing options as well as many places where your will find everything you need in safe environments and secure locations. Read and write articles, comments, make friends and let your imagination fly free.

Kidtopia works just like Facebook and it is specially designed for kids like you to interact with each other in a safe, secure and well monitored environment. Parents can also find plenty of places offering different kind of activities for kids of all ages, outdoor, indoor, educational, motivational and many more as well as movie reviews, books recommendations, kids clothing stores, toy stores and much more. Help your kids join today and guide them while they integrate into a growing digital world in the safety of Kidtopia.

Babies Activities

As creator of Kidtopia I find babies activities the most challenging of them all, if you are a parent and you are reading this then you surely relate.

Outdoor Activities

Kidtopia outdoor activities is full of energy, find your favorite thing to do outside home like sports, camping, running on the beach, hiking and more. Share your favorite outdoors activity with us!

School Break Activities

Kidtopia has a lot of different things you can do during your school breaks, from summer holidays to play parks, kid friendly flea markets and much more. You can also find things to do inside Kidtopia website in our movies and download sections.

Kids Camp

One of the most exciting and fun Kidtopia outdoors activities is kids camps. Camping outdoors and enjoying mother nature is one of the best ways to spend school holidays. Take a look at the options on our kids camp page.

Amusement Parks

Everyone likes the rides on an amusement park or fun fair so we included this section to try and keep track of the different options to enjoy this classic fun. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

Toy Stores

Kidtopia toy stores section, where you can find the location of different toy stores across South Africa as well as online stores and kids friendly markets. You will definitely find the major toy stores, however if you know of a hidden gem somewhere in South Africa please do share

Kids Fashion

Kidtopia Brings you the latest fashion tips as well as many options where to buy clothing for your kids whether is online or physical shops. Browse through the many options hand-picked by Kidtopia and find all your little ones need for the coming season.


Find in Kidtopia indoor activities a big list of everything that you can do inside different places, science fairs, planetariums, jungle gym and so much more and as always your suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

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Kidtopia is much more than a kids directory, it is a place where kids can join and interact with other kids under the supervision of our moderators and parents as well. Here kids can write their own articles, upload their works of art and showcase anything the wish to and parents can also write, submit or recommend articles about any topic regarding kids safeness, health, activities, educational, medical and more. So come on and join us and start preparing your kids for the inevitable interaction they will have over the internet sooner or later.

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Some of the things you can do on Kidtopia

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Join the network and interact with other kids online.

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Write articles, start or join groups, browse fun content.




Find places to go for activities, camping, parties, play-parks, movies, books and more.


Display the artist within you! Upload your drawings, articles, pictures and show the world your talents.


Find information about educational institutions at the tips of your fingers.


Find the latest news about your favorite gadgets such as video game consoles, tablets and more.


Browse the different articles with movies and books reviews.

Kidtopia was created to help kids develop their digital skills over the internet



Kidtopia is a website focused on information to help parents find everything they need for the little ones. We love your feedback so feel free to contact us any time.

Miss Behaviour

Kidtopia is always monitoring the site, however form time to time we might miss something so if you would like to report abuse or misconduct kindly contact us and we will get on it right away.

Article Creation

As an added option, Kidtopia offers the parents an open source to write, submit and recommend articles for the well-being of our beloved kids. So feel free to write an article and share it with us.


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